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里山ごはん食べに行こう「お豆腐のお惣菜:春編」   Let's go and taste Satoyama meal!

のどかな里山景色の中で "手作り"にこだわりながら素朴であたたかな







出来、素朴ながら重宝する里山料理です。  今年の里山ごはんは、材料の




【会場】鳴子温泉郷 尿前(しとまえ)「大家(おおいえ)」

(陸羽東線 鳴子温泉駅より車で約7分、徒歩30分。大崎市鳴子温泉字尿前140番地)  

【ナビゲーター】農家レストラン「土風里」女将 高橋 直子さん  




Satoyama cooking class focuses on "homemade dishes" and  introduces local specialties which are simple to make.  Instructors are local mothers
and the menu differs according to the season and related annual event. The theme
of March is dishes made from "Tofu", "Ganmodoki" and "Kisyazuiri".They
are made to keep for a long time. From now on, we will be paying more attention to how to prepare the ingredients for cooking.

Le'ts enjoy cooking and tasting Satoyama meals in early spring together!

[Date]  21 March, 2016 (Mon)   10:00 - 13:30

[Venue]  Shitomae, Naruko Onsenkyo  "Oie"

(How to access: about 7 minutes by car or 30-minute walk from Naruko Onsen station, Riku East-line, or  30-minute walk.
 Address: 140 Shitomae, Naruko Onsen, Osaki city, Miyagi)

[Facilitator] Landlady Naoko Takahashi from the farmers' restaurant "Doppuri" 

[Participation fee] adult ¥ 3300 (junior high school students or older), elementary school students ¥ 1300, preschoolers free  (fee includs lunch, material costs, rental fee of equipment)

Please apply by 19 March 2016 (Saturday)