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温泉マルシェ「手でお手当て。あたたかなクラニオセイクル・セラピー湯治」  Hot Spring Marche. Treatment by hands - "Craniosacral Therapy"









カラダの芯からジワジワ来るほぐれ感。冷えた体を湯ぶねに入れた時のような ”ジワ~ン”








【主催・会場】鳴子温泉郷 川渡温泉 宿みやま本館(

                             (大崎市鳴子温泉字要害91 0229-84-7641)

【ナビゲーター】 てあてやcokiu 香川 夏未 さん(

(クラニオセイクラルセラピスト・看護師。 看護師として大学病院勤務時に西洋医学だけでは感知しない心身の繋がりの大切さを学ぶ。その中で自身の不調も改善、からだの健やかさは心と密接に繋がっており、自分らしく生きることが何より大切であることを実感する。現在都内のサロンにて、クラニオセイクラルとアロマリーディングを使い心と体の両方からアプローチ、その人らしさを引き出すセッションを行っている。)

 【参加費】①宿泊プラン ¥24000(1泊4食 お土産付、ワークショップ参加費、個別セラピー付)

        ②日帰りプラン 3/12(土)¥6500 13(日)¥5000(ワークショップ参加費、入浴代含)


Hot spring Marche proposes to relax the mind and body through themed
monthly workshops, as well as enjoying hot springs.

 The theme of this month is Craniosacral Therapy .

What is Craniosacral Therapy?  It is somewhat long name, but It's a
therapy to loosen the mind and body through soft touch by hands instead
of giving a massage or stimulation .

 It helps to release the stress from the body at the deepest level through
gentle touching so that the body can recover its natural healing power by
regaining biological rhythm.

The touch is gentle and delicate like a feather.

When compared to the general massage, you might not notice that you
are being massaged but soon you will feel your stress reduces gradually.

This relaxation doesn't call for difficult procedures or skills.
You will be able to heal yourself or others using just your hands after this
two-day workshop.

We recommend to join this workshop for those of you who

● feel exhausted by busy daily routine work
●don't know how to release fatigue from the body

 don't like stimulus treatment, such as massage
●can't sleep well

Why don't you learn how to relax while enjoying hot springs?

[Date]  12 (Sat) - 13 (Sun)  March 2016.

[Sponsored by-venue] Naruko Onsenkyo Kawatabi hot spring inn Miyama
main building (

(add: 91 Yogai, Naruko Onsen, Osaki, Miyagitel: 0229-84-7641)

[Facilitator]  Natsumi Kagawa from Teateya cokiu (

( Craniosacral therapist and nurse. While working as a nurse at a university hospital, she came to realize that Western medicine alone cannot heal all the important connections between mind and body. She was able to improve her own  poor physical condition tapping into this idea with the attitude that we must follow our own values in life. Currently She provides Craniosacral therapy sessions and aroma leading at her own salon in Tokyo.
During the session, she approaches clients' both mind and
body and helps clients to bring out their own identity.)

[Participation fee]
1) 2-day plan
     ¥ 24000 (includes 1 night/2 days program, with 4 meals and souvenir, workshop participation fee, and individual therapy session)

2) 1-day plan 12 Mar. (Sat) ¥ 6500
                        13 Mar. (Sun) ¥ 5000 (includes workshop participation fee,                                                                    hot spring bathing fee)